E2E monitoring - synchronizing with text or flash objects

Discussion created by sachinsharma on Mar 15, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2011 by dustin.lawler

Running a POC where we're going through e2e transactions and one of the questions I received from the prospect is how to synch on flash objects or actual HTML text? For example, when going to their website of, there is flash content in the middle of the screen. It's great that we can synch with an image or even synch with text (although the text is just in an image form), but that doesn't help with flash images. I also tried OCR Text synching, but again, no luck with flash. Is there a way to synch with a flash object, or even a text object within the HTML of the content that shows up...or is this beyond what our e2e solution can cover?


Does anyone know how Gomez does it? Apparently, according to the prospect, they can handle this better than how I know we can.