Changing "Server" or "Network" categories in group_server for Dynamic Views

Discussion created by sachinsharma on Mar 4, 2011
I was onsite this week and the customer really wanted to change the word "Servers" to "Accounts" in the Dynamic Views listing. After going through the group_server RAW CONFIGURE and the normal GUI, we couldn't figure out how to do it. Seems like the default settings in group_server for "Server" and "Network" nodes at the root level are locked down pretty tight. But, we were able to make changes directly in the database and now can see "Accounts" instead of "Servers". Here's the SQL in case anyone ever needs it. Not sure how dangerous it is, but it worked for us.
-- disable [FK_GRP_GROUP_GRP_CATEGORY] then run the below
select top 10 * from dbo.GRP_CATEGORY
update grp_category set category_name = 'Accounts' where category_name = 'Server'
select * from grp_group where category = 'server' and type = 'SERVER'
update grp_group set category = 'Accounts' where  category = 'Server'