Authentication in Web Content portlets

Discussion created by 1_JSchmitt on Feb 1, 2011
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Has anyone been able to successfully use authentication options in the webcontent portlet to sign-in to a site requiring a username and password?


We have a customer who would like to provide his customers with access to a site that requires authentication using the POST method. In the webcontent portlet configuration there are options to enable authentication.When enabled, a number of options become available, this is what we have configured:


Authentication Type: FORM

Form Method: POST

In the table below these options, are Fieldnames (which I tracked down using Firebug) and Values as follows:


User Name: user_name  |  Temp

Password:    password | Nimsoft


Saving the configuration and opening the Tab in UMP always results in the webpage opening at the Login screen, so it looks like the authentication information isn't feeding through.


One thing I did notice in the HTML code of the website is that there is a flag action = "/login" set along with the form method.

So everything in the configuration matches the HTML except for the "/login action


<form method="POST" action="/login">

I've included screenshots in the attachments showing the WebContent configuration and the html code of the customer's site using firebug.