Install UMP 2.0 using Windows authentication for the data_engine connection

Discussion created by 3859 on Jan 29, 2011

I have now had two cases this week where the customer installed NMS specifying Windows authentication for the database connection rather than a SQL account. In the first case, we were able to have the customer change the connection to a SQL account and all worked fine after that. In the second case, using a SQL account was strongly opposed by the customer. Therefore in order to get UMP installed, until a fix for the installer comes out (probably not until UMP 2.1 at the earliest), we had to perofrma a manual installation of UMP. I have attached the write of the process here. You will note that a number of files need to be on hand inorder to perform the install. The wasp, de, and dap archive packages (zip files), all the ump webapp portlet archive zip files, and the contents of the .../Nimsoft/UMP folder which normall is put on the primary hub during the install. I have a zip file that has all the ump portlet archive and a zip file of the .../Nimsoft/UMP folder as well as the wasp, de. and dap archive zips. Some are too large to attach or upload here, so I will make them available from www.sendthisfile.com/nimsoft upon request. Please contact me and/or Bruce Lobmeyer with any questions or if you need assistance - please make sure to open a support case as well.