Availability Reports

Discussion created by JohnPeters on Jan 5, 2011
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Hi Team,


I have a requirement from a customer to generate "availability" reports for some of the objects that Nimsoft is monitoring, specifically for Servers and URLs.  The reports are needed because they are part of the customer's commitment to their clients.


The reports need to have an availability graph (basically an available/not available state) together with the overall availability as a percentage for the report period and the details of the outage periods.


Obviously this is not an out of the box sort of thing, and I was wondering if anyone had solved this problem before?


Getting hold of the information I need to use in the report is not too difficult, but since I guess I will need to use UR and I haven't used that before except for going through the quick start guide, I wanted to know if anyone with more expereince of UR thinks this would be practical?