RFP response question.

Discussion created by asabharwal on Dec 24, 2010
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Hey team,

I've got a few questions on an RFP, around data storage sizing, that I could use some assitance with:


1) How long is your typical database instance scaled to store data for the recommended number of customers? We may have to store raw data for at a minimum of 120 days and up to 1 year.  Is this feasible in your current architecture?  Does your APM solution have a robust data management system inherent within the solution that can provide performance metrics on reporting with large data sets?  If not raw data, do you have mechanisms to compress and store summary data.


-While I understand we save data for a year by default, not sure how respond to the compress and store summary data part.



2) Please estimate the amount of data storage required for a case when you capture all the data sets your product supports including all transactional data for 10 applications on a 10 Mb/s link with 1:1 packet sampling, with 1 day of storage.