Ensuring integrity on monitoring configurations?

Discussion created by ray.wood on Jan 13, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2011 by chris.luekermann

I am currently working on a POC with decision to be made this month (they need to go in to production by end of month). The prospect likes to ability to build "super probe packages" so that they can easily deploy a standard server monitoring configuration in one easy drag&drop action.


They require the ability to override specific threshold settings on a server by server basis. The problem is that if they modify the "standard" configuration package and redeploy to all servers it will overwrite any specific overrides they have deployed.


Has anyone found a method to ensure that specific overrides do not get overwritten by a redeploy of the "standard" package?


I think USM will support this but we have been advised not to use the new release unless absolutely necessary. This may be one of those cases but would like to avoid doing an upgrade if possible.