sql_response query values to QoS Database

Discussion created by Lee_Freer on Dec 13, 2010
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Hi all,


Working with a prospect on pulling data from an existing internal monitoring tool that populates its results into a SQL database. I'm using the sql_response probe and some specific queries to get the information from this DB.


There are about 20 different machines just in their dev environment which have metrics stored in this database. There are three specific metrics we are interested in for this PoC, so I have been querying for the specific metrics. What this returns is a list where each row is a different machine and the metric and the value. In other words, multiple rows of which I would like *each row* to be a seperate stored performance metric in the Nimsoft QoS Database.


So, is it possible to set up the value tab in the sql_response probe to do this, or will I need to run a query for each specific machine and metric I want to store?


The sql_response probe was the best way I could think of to accomplish this important portion of the PoC, but if anyone has a better idea please let me know. If I need to clarify anything, please let me know as well.


Thanks everyone!


- Freer