Maintenance Mode for hosts being monitored from remote/agentless probes

Discussion created by sachinsharma on Dec 3, 2010
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I'm running a POC with 1000+ servers and the question of maintenance mode came up. It's easy enough setting robots/servers into maintenance mode through the Infrastructure Manager. But what about agentless probes like net_connect, sqlserver, etc, who are monitoring servers that are going into maintenance? At first I mentioned setting up pre-processing rules like with net_connect|sqlserver|oracle in the probe filter and maybe filling in the hostname with the host that's going down. This doesn't really seem like an elegant solution for a big environment. How have people gotten past this? Any suggestions?


I've read some of the forum posts from customers (links below), but each one seems unique to the environment. I was hoping for a catch-all solution. There appears to be a CS table that gets generated by discovery agent, but that's only if you're using discovery (I think). The NAS has a Computer State option available but not much help info on it - has anyone used it before?