WMI monitoring

Discussion created by DaveH on Nov 17, 2010
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Morning All,


I have a query from Vanderlande where we are currently running a POC.  They have an application to process documents and they have written their own bit of monitoring software which stores the results in WMI.  They would like to get this information into Nimsoft as part of the POC.  Initially we thought it may be possible to do this with WMI command line, run WMI command line through logmon and parse the output for the information.


However I got some additional info through yesterday from Vanderlande (see attached email) and there maybe too much info (they want to collect all info on the attached) to make logmon a viable solution.  Can anyone think of a better way to get the data into Nimsoft?


We looked at the WMI option on the sharepoint probe but we're not sure how we could accomplish what we want with that probe.


Also do we have any plans to develop a WMI probe? OK I know we have them (ntperf, sharepoint etc) but I mean one which you could point at a specific class and define which data you want to to collect.