"Pushing" pages out to users in UMP

Discussion created by sachinsharma on Oct 20, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2010 by sachinsharma

I've tried at a couple different sites to push out pages to multiple users in UMP but have not had much success. Has anyone else tried this? Is it a limitation with the current UMP? Ken Adamson recorded that youtube video showing how to do it, but thos steps don't seem to work for me. I'm trying to push out pages to already created Nimsoft users and/or contacts within a Nimsoft account.


I go to Control Panel in UMP and add a new User Group. I assign members to this user group and then click on manage pages, at which point I import in the LAR file that I want the users in that user group to see. But when I log in as one of those users, I still have my old set of pages. Before I open a case, I wanted to see if anyone else has even tried to push pages out. Has anyone had success in this?