Configuring the Informix database probe - PoC issue

Discussion created by simonburt on Oct 21, 2010
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Hi guys,


Got an ongoing PoC in the UK and the tech guy is trying to get the Informix probe running and is not having much joy.  I've not had any experience in this area so was hoping for some hints & tips.  I've pasted the email below from the prospect so as not to precis it and miss out important info!  Any help appreciated...



I’ve installed the Informix Client SDK 3.00 on brs-nms-hub1


Within the set up for that, under Server Information I’m using...


IBM Informix Server  = onshore_pte_mgt

Hostname =

Protocolname = olsoctcp

Service Name = 1522


Under Host Information i’m using...


Current Host =

User Name = (a dba’s username)

Password Option = Password

Password = (the dba’s password)


The Informix Probe is then installed on brs-nms-hub1, it’s running and saying that it’s active and has taken ports. Within the configuration of the profile that I’ve created I’m using...


Server Name =

User = (the dba’s username)

Password = (the dba’s password)

Version = 10.0


However when I restart the probe I’m getting the following alert in the alarm browser...


Instance, cannot connect to database (Incorrect password or user %s is not known on the database server.)


We’ve checked the user account and it can access the required database as well as the system database.


Does the above error mean exactly what it says? If so are there any specific things that the user account it’s using needs to be able to do?




Thanks in advance,