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Discussion created by javier.vazquez on Oct 13, 2010
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I'm working a POC where a customer is using  Exchange Clusters.  I read the PowerPoint(attached) but it remains unclear to me what I need to do to make this successful.  here is my situation:


His Exchange clusters are clustered together in an N+1 cluster, 4 active, 1 passive.  All 5 servers are mailbox servers.  I have the exchange_monitor probe along with the 4 pre-req probes installed on each of the 5 servers.  I put the cluster probe on all 5 servers as well.  It asked me what kind of cluster and then it recognized the name of the Virtual Server and it showed me all of the VS's available.  when I opened up the other cluster probes that I *had not* yet configured they were all (magically) recognizing the VS's without the need for me to answer any questions like I did on the first.  


Now that I have the cluster probe working, what do I do?  There are areas to create new 'profiles' and new 'resources' within the probe.  It then starts to ask me what probe I want to select.  If I select exchange_monitor it then starts asking me which checkpoints I want to monitor.  Surely I'm not supposed to define all checkpoints that the exchange_monitor probe is monitoring on my 5 servers, am I?  How do I decide what profiles to create?  After doing so, do I then re-do this on all instances of the cluster probe?


My customer tells me that he would like to be notified of events such as when node 5 takes over for lets say node 2 which failed.  Or when a service fails on one but another picks it up.  Basically I don't know what this probe is capable of mainly because I don't understand the profiles/resources piece.


Any info on this would be great guys.