Monitoring Implementation questions and documentation

Discussion created by anjayshah on Sep 8, 2010

Hi Folks


I have a partner who would like to know if we have the following documents that they could use as a basis for starting a project with NMS. Has anyone created something like this at all?





"This means we have to interview their different departments to understand exactly what they need (servers & applications to monitor, SLA to prepare, Reports and Dashboards to create, …).


As you have managed bigger project with NMS and to have this customer to be a success with Nimsoft, please could you provide us:

-       some examples of documents for people interviews to be sure to not forget questions to ask about their needs and be compliant with NMS

-       some documents describing NMS deployment procedure

-       some examples of acceptance reports at the end of the project to show we have cover all their needs

-       …

All what you have regarding a such project management, will obviously help us a lot to show we are very professional with NMS"


Any ideas gratefully received.






Thanks for your help