Calculating and alerting on QoS metrics (Specifically the JVM_Monitor probe)

Discussion created by Lee_Freer on Sep 3, 2010

Hi All,


We are working on a request from a prospect in regard to the JVM_Monitor probe.


They are gathering both memory metrics HeapMax and HeapUsed. They would like to alert when HeapUsed is 75% of HeapMax. Keep in mind that both HeapMax and HeapUsed are measured in bytes.


Calculating a static measurement of what 75% of HeapMax is and setting the alarm threshold would be an option, however, the HeapMax value may change on different machines so this needs to be a dynamic measurement.


My first thought was to leverage the variable_server probe somehow, but that doesn't appear to do the trick.


It would appear that some sort of special script will be needed or a feature request, but I thought I would throw this out here first.


Anyone have any ideas or done something similar before?


If a feature request is needed, I'm thinking a probe that can take any QoS metric and do various calculations and alert on the results.




- Lee