Question on copying BLOB from SQL Server to local filesystem

Discussion created by ray.wood on Aug 19, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2010 by geir.haugom

Whilst at a customer site yesterday looking at Unified Reports we found the capability to schedule production of reports in PDF format. The resultant output would appear to be stored as a BLOB in the JapserServer repository which in our case is the NimsoftSLM database (I forget the exact name of the table but they all begin with JI).


The customer would like to copy the PDF BLOB from the database table and store it in a local filesystem on their web server so that they can provide access to the report via their Intranet (rather than giving all users access to SDP/UMP). I did some Google searches and found reference to a SQL Server utility called TEXTCOPY but unfortunately this is not shipped with SQL Server 2005 onwards. Does anyone know of another utility, preferably freeware, that provides this functionally?