Sending SMS messages through Verizon's TAP number

Discussion created by Gennady on Jun 30, 2010

Hello to all of you out there, I was asked the following question from a client:


We currently use a standard off-the-shelf 56k modem that is installed on the server and using a standard $15/mo landline to dial out to our cell provider’s TAP number to send SMS messages. Right now we currently use Verizon, and their TAP number is 866-823-0501.


Is this possible?


I've looked through SFDC and was not able to find any recent information on Verizon SMS. I know we can set up NAS+SMSGTW to send out SMS messages ( per Paul Rowe's white paper ). Have any of you worked with this (Verizon Specific)?


Any input would be appreciated.


Thanks much,