Zenith Arca event log messaging / converting smtp messages to NMS alerts

Discussion created by sachinsharma on Jun 18, 2010
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Hi All,


I'm at a prospect site who wants to be able to monitor their zenith arca (an appliance) event logs. These custom events logs gets stored in the windows event viewer, similar to system, application, and security windows logs. We're not able to use ntevl as the log file does not appear in the list. We can 't use logmon either because the log is not text-based, ie we cannot open it with wordpad or notepad. Has anyone ran into this before and figured out a way to monitor these types of windows event logs?


Alternatively, the appliance also sends out emails via smtp as alerts. Can we take an smtp message and convert it into a Nimsoft alert message easily, much like snmptd would take a trap and convert it? This is time sensitive as the prospect is making they're decision tomorrow. Thanks for anything you have