security banner for e2e login

Discussion created by sachinsharma on Jun 9, 2010
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On a customer site, trying to schedule e2e scripts using the e2e_appmon probe. All servers/desktops the customer has offer a security banner before logging into the machine. This doesn't work well with our e2e_starter. Looking at sfdc, found this solution as to how to get around the security banner:


"Unfortunately, there is no way for our e2e_appmon probe (scheduler) nor nimrecorder playback facility to break past the banner. It is a catch-22. The probe uses windows auto-login feature to log the workstation in. The nimrecorder script does not get started until after the login is complete -- it is actually autostarted by windows as well.
The banner appears prior to the login so the script has not started and hence, the banner blocks all progress.
There is no workaround other than changing the windows registry to disable the banner. This is of course up to your company's policies."


The prospect is hesitant on hacking the registry, so has anyone else come across a clever workaround?