Probes on a Robot and Configs on a Probe - Easy to get??

Discussion created by javier.vazquez on Jun 17, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2010 by dustin.lawler

I have a prospect that wanted to know how to easily generate reports for his customers which had information about what things are being monitored on a given host.  The best example is that a customer calls his MSP because he thinks that major events on a particular server are not being caught by the MSP's monitoring solution.  The MSP would like to be able to then generate a report which shows all of the probes that are on that server in question.  They would then like to be able to generate another report which shows the thresholds that are set for any given probe.


My questions are:


a) is there a way to query the controller and list all of the probes that are being monitored?


b) is there a way to use the command line to pull a configuration file from a probe?  (similar to a ctrl+n in the Infrastructure manager)