NoD Enhancement Update 6/4/2010

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NoD Enhancement Update 6/4/2010 - now Live!


This is the first enhancement update of NimSoft On Demand since it was launched in April 2010.


Key facts about the enhancements:

  • 27 Enhancements reported to date
  • 19 identified hot issues - All 19 resolved and ready to go
  • Update is live for new NoD Trials starting today - i.e. 6/4/10
  • Existing trials are not affected by this NoD update.
  • Any new trial created now will have this updated NoD experience


Here are the list of enhancements or issues that are resolved in this update:


  • Resolved expired License issues. Now, all common licenses available for trials. Most probes are available in the archive 
  • Key Enhancement - Now there is no need to download Infrastructure manager to install locally.  You now  have IM installed on the NMS Server and you can use RDP connection to NMS server to use it.
  • New relay installer with latest probes( now with remote probes, discovery probes)), RDP desktop icon to support RDP connection to server
  • Comes with UMP 1.01 and latest NMS server
  • New cleaner NoD Getting started video for using IM via RDP. Updated quick start video and guide.
  • Resolved the issue of users not able to download probes, no need for Sales Force self service login to download probes. Auto authenticated to get any probes (using special maintenance license).
  • Better error message upon login to with bad credentials
  • Resolved Dashboard engine errors with getinitialdata() failure which shows as fault in UMP dashboard view.
  • Removed from title of UMP Browser Window. Change from my nimsoft to "Nimsoft On Demand“
  • Removed User login name default domain.
  • Use of browser on Server ok. Flash is now installed on the server so UMP browser access from Server possible now.r
  • Windows server NT Event log probe is now disabled on NMS server machine. No more unwanted initial NT Event Log alarms in the trial instance when you log into UMP for the first time.  It makes it appear we have issues on the NoD system.
  • Resolved the issue of Flash Windows getting hidden behind each other.  For an example – go to the alarm console – and open up alarm details – and slide the window up.  HTML code needs to put GUIs in the front!
  • Email char length limit removed for email addresses in IM. No more 30 chars restriction.
  • Resolved the issue of probes not deploying when first trying trial instance and probes staying in “queued” state.  Now you do not require a restart of distsrv.
  • RDP connections in two ways - preferred way is direct connect and local desktop RDP icon provides that. In case RDP out is not allowed, RDP over tunnel option is now provided in the start->programs->Nimsoft Monitoring program menu.

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