New best practice probe configurations (cfx files) and UMP views

Discussion created by birda06 Employee on May 25, 2011
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Please find the attached zip file that includes a bunch of best practice probe configurations + associated UMP views (LAR files) that have been developed internally over the last couple of months. 


The goal of this project was to provide the pre-sales team with more tools to help you get your PoC's successfully closed.  These can be plugged in by hand and will extend our list of Unified Dashboards NOW until we get more rolled into the core UMP product.  This new set of views includes Cisco UCS, Cisco UCM, Celerra, CLARiiON, SharePoint as well as some enhancements to the existing views.


Please consider these probes to be beta - meaning - you may find issues with them (nothing should hurt any install - just be aware).  They are a version 1 attempt at packaging this type of stuff up for collective use - so please be sure to check your work and provide bug fixes/enhancements back to your peers (I believe this Forum is the place for such feedback).


Big thanks to Simona, Greg T. and Charlie W. for their help in getting these knocked out.