Probe to move profiles from one robot to another: generic_cluster probe

Discussion created by chris.luekermann on Oct 12, 2010
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here's a probe I developed, initially for a customer who wanted to have a probe similar to our cluster-probe but it needed to run on AIX.


The probe is written in Java, hence should run on any platform. I've tested it on Windows, Linux and AIX.


It basically allows you to define a set of probe-profiles ( or configuration-file sections ) that you want to switch from one robot to another and you can specify a condition on which robot should run the profiles.


Please make sure you test this probe thoroughly until you are confident that you know how to properly configure the probe as a misconfiguration can remove probe profiles.


As this is a unofficial probe it is not officially supported. 

If you have any enhancement requests or questions, please write me an e-mail or post them in this thread.