Sending emailed alarms/reports from a NOD instance?

Discussion created by sperich on Mar 2, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2011 by keith_k

Do we have an SMTP server in our NOD hosting provider? Alternatively, can we deploy a simple SMTP server on a NOD instance on a customers' behalf?


The reason I ask is that best practise for NOD deployments is to generate alarms and send them from the NOD instance rather than a relay. Thus you need to deploy emailgtw to the NMS-Robot and configure an SMTP server in there, and nowhere can I see anything documented that indicates we have one available for NOD users.


My prospect is very interested in NOD and this would be a dealbreaker if they had to rely on an on-premise SMTP server - their own SMTP server only accepts SMTP connections from Messagelabs and doesn't allow relaying. (The Messagelabs SMTP server in their MX record doesn't work either from NOD ..)  This scenario also wouldn't work for them as well because some alarms they  generate from auto-operator they want to go to another organisation (pixeo.com).