Question about logmon efficiency tuning

Discussion created by Garin on Mar 8, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2015 by anders.synstad

I can't believe that I can't figure this out.


So, I have an application log that I am monitoring that a particular event that I'm interested in might happen once or it might happen up to a couple hundred thousand times over a very short period of time. I am equally concerned about both types of events but completely unconcerned about how often it occurs once it occurs once.


What I was looking for then is a way that logmon could be configured where a watcher would fire only once for a match on any given polling cycle regardless of how many actual matches there were.


That way there's be an upper bound at least to the number of transactions that get forwarded to my nas. Dropping 200,000 transactions into it over a 60 second period has severely detrimental impacts on the rest of the system.


Any thoughts on addressing this?