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Tips on Keeping the infrastructure up to date?

Question asked by becph01 Employee on Mar 4, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2015 by louis.savage

Hi Guys;


Any tips on keeping the infrastructure up to date (hubs, robots, probes to a point) in the easiest possible way.


For example; on large customers wtih a 3 layer hub (primary, relay, clients) - if you try to push all hubs I believe you'll get a race condition.


If the primary get's the hub update first - the rest will fail. (due to restarts)

If the second layer gets the hub update first - the third layer will fail (due to restarts).


Anyone have a lua script to do a depth-first search and apply updates at the bottom-nth layer?

Do y'all have a manual process that you prefer?


I was theorizing just adding user tags to my hubs telling them which layer they are "on" and creating IM Groups - applying the change at the bottom layer - you think that's a good idea? Downside is you'd have to set this up in advance so it isn't helpful if a bunch of hubs have been rolled out.