In discovery server 8.1 is there a way to modify the name to include origin

Discussion created by Garin on Feb 14, 2015
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In the equipment I manage there is a huge amount of duplication in hostnames as well as IP addresses. The main reason for this is that the appliance that is monitored is a rack of equipment that has a single virtual IP assigned to it in front of a load balancer. Everything behind that load balancer is on a private network that is identical for every one of these racks of equipment we deploy.


As such, I use an override script to supply the robot name instead of the DNS/hostname wherever possible.


This works fairly well as far as things can work in Discovery when the monitored item is a robot.


The problem is that there are a bunch of devices that are monitored by net_connect and NFS storage that is monitored by CDM, Oracle seems to also put it's connection IP into the mix too.




When these devices are discovered by Discovery, there is apparently no robot associated with them. So what happens is that these devices get inserted into discovery with their short host name which is virtually useless and very confusing.




For some things, like the "localhost" entry, I don't want that to show up at all in discovery. I can't even imagine why it's there, doesn't every system that runs IP have a localhost? Seems like an entry for the "Huh..." thread. But regardless, is there a way to keep something like this out of discovery? The documentation seems to indicate no and the override scripts, if you don't return a valid value supply a default.