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Copy cfg file from Primary hub to Secondary hub using nas LUA

Question asked by slakkaraju on Feb 20, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2015 by Garin

Hello ,


I have been planning to write a LUA script to transfer contents of the probe config file from Primary to Secondary hub so that they are in sync but can't figure out which call back can help me to get it done.I have tried with the 'text_file_put' callback to copy the "net_connect.cfg" file from Primary ( script is run from the primary hub's nas) to Secondary hub but doesnt seem to get it work.


Could anyone please let me know where am I going wrong? 


args1 = pds.create()
pds.putString(args1,"file_contents","../../network/net_connect/net_connect.cfg"))  -- read contents of the primary hub's net-connect.cfg file?
reply,rc2 = nimbus.request("/domain/shub/shubname/controller","text_file_put",args2)