CDM 5.20 Network Traffic Monitoring

Discussion created by BCDBrian on Feb 13, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2015 by jonhcw

I've been testing monitoring the network traffic of windows systems with the newest CDM probe, which added this functionality that is only configurable through the admin console.


I was wondering if anyone knows how this information is gathered.  I have previously been using the ntperf probes to collect this data for all NICs on any system.  For example I have a server with 2 NICs and get 2 metrics each for Total, Sent, and Received stats using ntperf.  Using the CDM probe, this data does not match up and is always higher than ntperf's data and there is only 1 metric per target even though there are 2 nics.  Even after adding up the two presented by ntperf.  I currently have both CDM and NTPERF checking these stats every minute.


Average (combined) from NTPERF for the last hour is: 12330 bytes/sec

Average from CDM for the last hour is: 16286 bytes/sec


Max (combined) from NTPerf: 18280 bytes/sec

Max from CDM: 33321 bytes/sec


Maybe it's just the 1 minute sample times falling at different intervals within that minute, but thought I'd ask here if anyone had insight.