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Reminder, please use the defect thread for new defect announcements.


I want to discuss how we do defect announcements in this thread.


Suggested improvement. 


Modify subject on Re: to probe/component defect versions for easier parsing.

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I also duplicated a couple of defects to the wiki now that we can add comments:


This seems to have a double impact of putting the release notes and defect disclosures closer to where they should be and bringing them to the attention of the documentation team in a way that will increase the pressure for them to fill the gap more quickly or for support to make the public bugtraq a priority.


As I started doing this on a couple of the more recent ones I added, I started noticing what a PIA it is to sift through the nested trees looking for a node to add them to only to find it may not even exist where it should.


A better approach might be to start adding them directly to the top of the release notes tree for either the probes or the UIM release version, whichever seems more appropriate.  There documentation is already too fragemented and incomplete.  I don't think it's useful to follow them in the bad example.


Is this a good idea or a bad one?  Note, I'm not suggesting we abandon the forum defect thread.  They can change wiki pages and orphan comments at any time, but maybe it's worth the cut and paste time to put confirmed defects onto the wiki list that is more visible for them since they have yet to find a way to maintain a running list for us.  Doing that could move the public bugtraq they've been promising their priority list and start pushing documentation and product teams to correct and improve the docs.