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CA UIM VMWare Probe UI is not gettign launched due to idname.cfg missing

Question asked by Jenson-Teo on Jan 27, 2015
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Hi All,


           I have installed VMWare probe on my Hub and want to discover the ESX servers. 

My UIM Version is 8.0. I installed the VMWare Probe probe on the Hub and installtion went fine. When I try to double click on the probe to configure it gives me the following error in the log and it throws soem .net frame work error.


           I am attachign the error snapshot in the attahment. Let me know what to do. I have noticed that idname.cfg is not avilable under the following path where the Probbe is installed under my Nimsoft directory.


C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\probes\application\vmware



an 26 18:17:39:426 [main, vmware] ****************[ Starting ]****************
Jan 26 18:17:39:426 [main, vmware] 6.30
Jan 26 18:17:39:426 [main, vmware] CA Technologies
Jan 26 18:17:39:435 [main, vmware] port=48041
Jan 26 18:17:39:520 [main, vmware] Login to NimBUS is OK
Jan 26 18:17:39:573 [main, vmware] idname.cfg could not be loaded. No vmware.cfg update required: idname.cfg (The system cannot find the file specified)
Jan 26 18:17:39:982 [main, vmware] Creating profile ConfigDef: Setup ProfileDefinition ctdProfile
Jan 26 18:17:40:706 [main, vmware] SCHEDULER: using scheduler_thread_pool_size = 3


Thanks in Advance,