tiered baseline_engine?  How?

Discussion created by comfortably_nim on Jan 17, 2015
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So they recommed a tiered baseline_engine, but don't say how.  Anyone know?


This is just a guess since there is no documentation!




dist_hub runs baseline_engine


get_queue for the basline_engine:

active = yes
type = attach




Primary also runs baseline_engine for direct attached robots and probes.  By not passing the BASELINE_CONFIG past dist hub, the primary won't do redundant calculations for metrics.  QOS_BASELINE is the calculated output stored by qos_processor.


Looks like maybe prediction engine could work the same way.  Maybe ppm is source of BASELINE_CONFIG?  


What about HA setups?  If you failover QOS to a different hub, will it still calculate the baseline with continuity?  Will it be configured.  Should pared HA distribution layer hubs republish BASELINE_CONFIG to eachother?


So many questions. I'm finding if it's not in the docs, support probably doesn't know yet either.