SNMPCollector 2.0 - Thoughts and Experiences

Discussion created by dr1993 on Jan 16, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2015 by comfortably_nim

With the release of SNMPCollector 2.0, we were quick to implement the probe due to the new features and support for network devices. However, as with most releases of the probe, it was more complicated and bug ridden than the documentation let on.


Noteable Bugs: The probe does not work on Tunneled HUBS with robots attached. When configuring the probe you get a 'MONS-002' error and are unable to save the templates, thus not able to monitor anything. 


Templating: While the templating process seems to introduce new features, it's a rather complicated process to configure alarms. Features like being able to specify the alert messages are now gone and you get generic messages that are sometimes hard to decode for those that haven't memorized OID values. You are also unable to specify the sampling count and rearm.

Benefits: The new discovery filter is definitely nice for a multily client environment. Also, the new probe is able to monitor many metrics that were unavailable before (ie. interface metrics for SW's, FW's, etc. depending on the versions.)


Does anyone else have any thoughts or want to share their experiences?