Sort URLs based upon Availability in ListView

Discussion created by slakkaraju on Dec 29, 2014
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Hello All,


I am trying to build a list designer view ( please see attached) which would list all client URLs based upon their response time i.e "QOS_RESPONSE_TIME"


While preparing it, I get to see the options where in I can sort the URLs in ascending order based upon their Respsone time but it is not proving to be of much use , as I can't see the URLs that are "down" unless I parse through the entire list to find it .


While, the reason is obviuos that when a URL is down , it would have the QOS_RESPONSE_TIME value as "Null" rather than a numeric but was wondering if there is a way where in I can make the URLs that have NULL values to be on top of the list view rather be somewhere in middle of the list.