December 2014 Monthly Product Release Update

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Please find the included product update and release information for CA Unified Infrastructure Management (formerly CA Nimsoft Monitor).  This notification includes information on all components that were released during the month of December, 2014.


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  1. CA Unified Infrastructure Management 8.1 was released on December 31, 2014.

      CA Unified Infrastructure Management 8.1 includes:


  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management Server (the core application engine)
  • Unified Management Portal (web interface)
  • Unified Reporter (advanced reporting engine)
  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management Mobile App (Mobile application for iPhone and Android) 

This release contains powerful new features outlined below in addition to usability enhancements, performance improvements and fixes.


Marquee Features

CA Unified Management Portal 8.1

Presentation of networking metrics within USM:

  • View high value metrics for networking devices.
  • View a list of all interfaces on a network device including important attributes and high value metrics.
  • Select an interface to see a detailed view of interface attributes and high value metrics as well as a comprehensive view of all interface monitoring and all interface alarms.
  • Create a group of interfaces based on interface or device attributes to add a view of network health to your USM group structure. 

Network Device Metrics






Device Interface List





Interface Details





   Context Selectors for Dashboards:

  • The new context selector widget lets you control the behavior of other widgets in the dashboard through parameters used in SQL queries. These queries are used to populate data in a given widget.
  • Custom selectors in the context widget can display SQL data, get data from a URL and passparameters to subsequent SQL queries.
  • A time selector in the context widget sets time parameters for use in SQL queries.
  • A dashboard selector in the context widget links the dashboard to other dashboards.
  • When a similar context selector is used in a child dashboard, parameters set by the parent are preserved and can be used to set context.
  • Parameters for username, account, and origins are available and can be used in SQL queries to limit data returned to a specific user or tenant. 



Top-N Report:

  • The Top-N report now supports metrics gathered on interfaces and can be launched from USM for a selected interface group.
  • When filters are used, the values for the corresponding filter items are displayed as columns in the report.
  • Improved Excel spreadsheet exporting.


At-A-Glance Report:

  • At-a-glance reporting can now utilize cdm and rsp metrics in addition to SNMP metrics.




snmpcollector probe 2.0

Template Editor:

  • Allows users to configure monitoring templates that can be activated to apply SNMP monitoring in bulk across multiple systems and components (component types include: interfaces, physical memory, CPU, etc.).

Polling Frequency:  

  • Users can set polling frequencies on a per system or per component basis or to multiple systems and components via a template.

Interface speed override improvements:

  • Users can set interface speed override for multiple interfaces via a template.

Discovery server filters:

  • Users can configure device filters that will limit the set of devices imported by the snmpcollector from the discovery server.

New device inventory website -

  • Provides information on all of the devices and MIBs snmpcollector supports with an intuitive + easy to search front end.

Alternate SNMP port configuration:

  • Allows configuration of alternate SNMP port numbers on a per device basis.

Supportability enhancements

  • Template state information and in product vendor certification tests make it easier to detect and resolve problems.




2.  The following CA Unified Infrastructure Management probe updates (45) were made available during the month of December 2014: