SNMPTD 3.1- How can Enterprise trap profiles be created to use wildcards?

Discussion created by kevin.mckenna on Nov 27, 2014

When creating trap prifiles for a given Enterprise, how can wildcards be used after the enterprise id and for the Generic and Specific trap types? This would simplify the process of defining new trap profiles as long as the format of the traps for that specific enterprise is consistant.

So, if I know severity is always in varbind 2 and the needed information is in varbind 5, only a single profile would have to be created and maintained for that enterprise family.

I'd like to create a single trap profile for a given enterprise id, similar to :

.* * *

Rather than individual profiles as below:
. 6 1
. 6 1
. 6 2 ...

I've seen that you can wildcard the Specific trap field, but I think it would be valuable to be able to apply wildcards elsewhere in the trap definitions.

I've created an enterprise trap profile by manually editing the snmptd.conf file. The new profile shows up under the V1 Traps folder with Enterprise ID of ".*" , but the probe doesn't treat the '*' as a wildcard. -nothing matches.


I have many trap definitions I have to migrate from another system, so would appreciate hearing how/if anyone has gotten something like this to work.