NIS database partitioning and general setup

Discussion created by jonhcw on Nov 22, 2014
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I'm planning our new UIM environment and have some open questions regarding the database design. It'd make me happy if anyone has experience with any of the following:


1. Performance unpartitioned vs partitioned nis DB. I know this depends on a lot of things and is not quite as straight forward, but just looking for some real user experience. Enabling the partitioning in NIS DB, have you noticed any signigicant differences.


1.1 UIM "default" partitioning or do it manually. Wondering if anyone's decided to forego the data_engine partitioning option and just manually partition the biggest QOS tables? data_engine ships the procedures that you can use to do the partitioning manually on a per table basis.


1.2 Custom partition schemes. QOS table partition schemes is "by day", which is probably because data maintenence is based on that too and the parition functions use that to truncate the data by day too. Anyone done a custom partition scheme, ie. by week?


2. Always on groups. Anyone done NIS database on SQL 2012 Always on group? If so, if you could share your experience on that (sync, async, maintenance headaches, UIM update issues, etc)


I'd be interested in hearing of any experience with any of the above, or your thoughts on the database setup for UIM in general :smileyhappy: