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Monitor all new QoS_Computer_Uptime entries and alert on if < 300s - Is this possible?

Discussion created by Daniel Blanco Champion on Nov 22, 2014
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So I have a quesiton. We were having issues with both the cdm probe and the ntevl probe detecting if a machine was rebooted. UIM support stated that yes there were 'defects' in each probe and we are still not 100% sure that we can rely on either of these probes to detect reboot scenarios. 


So yesterday a request introduced me to the QoS_Computer_Uptime metric that is collected by the CDM probe. So that got me thinking that we can use this value to determine if a machine has been rebooted. Since we have cdm deployed everywhere and are collecting this value, I wanted to know if or how eactly would I setup a watcher to look at ALL new QOS_COMPUTER_UPTIME entries being added to the database, for each robot and have the portion of UIM (assuming SLM manager) generate an alert if the value is < 300s. That means the machine was rebooted w/in the last 5 minutes and this would accurately give us the indicaiton that the machine rebooted. 


I don't know the SLM tool very well. I primary use it to check QoS metrics and delete QoS data mostly.


I was playing around in it all morning and can't figure out if this is possible. Is there a way to define a global QoS watcher on this one specific metric and setup a rule that says, if QoS_Computer_Uptime < 300 then Trigger an alert. 


I was trying to set this up using the old SLM fat client, but when I was looking at the help some of the examples don't have those features any longer or those menu entries. 


My questions:

1. Is this possible. 

2. If yes can this be setup at a Domain Level and not on each and every specific Hub Level/Robot Level. 

3. If Yes how and where do I do this exactly? Anyone have any tutorials on setting something like this up?

4. What exactly is this task refered to exactly? Would this be considered a SLA or a QoS Monitor or ???


Thank you,