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**** Defect Announcements ****

Discussion created by Daniel Blanco Champion on Nov 14, 2014
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**** Defect Announcements ****

Since the Announcements section is not used on the official support page I'll create one in here where most folks check.


I'll keep this thread going with new finding, bugs, defects that I find in the GA probes so others will become aware of issues:



If posting a new defect please include the following information regarding the defect so others can quickly identify if they would be effected by the defect you found. Please start the post off with:


UIM Version #.#       Exp:   UIM 7.5

UIM Component:        Exp:  UMP, HUB, Portlet - USM, SLM, etc...

Probe_Name v#.#       Exp:  CDM 5.10

OS Running:           Win|Lin|Unix

Description of Defect:

TAGS:  <key words regarding the defect, include the probe name if probe is part of the defect. Very helpful as this will allow others to find the defect when searching.>

Ex: cdm, breaks, threshold, false, alert, hub, slow, etc....



So here to start off:  


UIM:  7.5 / Robot Base v7.62 Build # < 1330  Fixed in Latest Robot Build 7.63

Bad robot build of v7.62.  Found 10/22/14

If you have Robot version 7.62 and the build is not 1330 you really need to upgrade to the latest build 1330 and re-deploy. The issue was whenever the robot went down, machine rebooted, service stopped the robot would automatically un-register itself from the hub and thus you would never get an Robot is inactive alert. It would just remove itself from under the HUB.

FIX Solution: 12/12/14:  Update Robot to latest version with Build >= 1330.


UIM 7.5, Probe: NTEVL v4.01  HIGH CPU Usage 10/30/14 - Fixed in ntevl v4.02

With our current ntevl v4.01 if you have many exclusions in your ntevl profile, with this latest version it eats up CPU cycles on the machine. Downgrade to v3.84. I had another issue with v3.90 where I had bad memory leaks on Exchange Servers running the 3.90 ntevl probe. So far v3.84 seems to be w/o issues for me.

2/5/2015: Latest version of NTEVL 4.02 CPU usage finally is back to normal.