metrics missing in UMP when hostname or ip addresses overlap

Discussion created by kbing on Oct 31, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2014 by Daniel Blanco

We are an MSP using Nimsoft to monitor our client environments. As you can imagine our clients have server hostname with identicial names and also sometimes idential subnets.


for example:


client A: dc1

client B: dc1


what happens is nimsoft attempts to correlate by hostname and gets confused; we've disabled hostname correlation in the discovery server.


In UMP the end result is we have missing metrics or QoS. Disk doesn't even show up. We see disk values in the database but they don't show up in UMP.


Has anyone seen this problem? I've opened a case with support but they haven't been able to figure this out yet. They say we are the only MSP with this problem and other MSP's are not experiencing it.


I'm thinking if this is possible for us to experience someone must have seen this before and possibly has resolved it.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.