Server details in ListViewer/ListDesigner are randomly missing

Discussion created by Omer on Oct 23, 2014




About a month ago, I began to see a strange behavior in the ListViewer/ListDesigner tables in UMP.

When I add some specific hosts to the view, they are sometimes shown up without any details (other columns, except robot/host name, are just remaining blank).

Totally randomly, when I hit "refresh" button, I can suddenly see the values which were missing before for some of the servers.

Hitting "refresh" again might hide it again, or in other cases switch between the servers that are shown with details.

When clicking on any host (including the ones that have blank parameters) , server performance charts are shown without any problem.

I'm trying to fiugre out this issue for long time, but without any success.

I Already checked the DB to see if there are any duplicates or worng records. everything seems fine.



Worthy to say - I think this issue only effect servers which are reinstalled - deleted and recreated again (mostly VMWare virutal machines).

For my opnion, there is a chance Nimsoft (and the UMP specifically) are confused when trying to get the right record of the host, mabye because of Uppercase and lowercase diffrence (Exampled in the screeshots attached).



I attached two screenshots demonstrating the issue described.



Please Advice.

Thanks In advanced,