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*** Critical Flaw in Robot Version 7.62 Build 1269 ***

Discussion created by Daniel Blanco Champion on Oct 24, 2014
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We discovered a serious flaw in the Nimsoft Robot v7.62 Build 1269 yesterday that I wanted to make the folks in here aware of. 


There was a "BAD" build of Robot version 7.62 that was released and then a newer build was publish but no announcemnt was made and the version did not change. Still the same verison v7.62.


Please check if you are running robot version 7.62 and if the Build is < 1330 then you must upgrade your robots to the latest Build of 1330.


We had Robot v7.62 [Build July 14 2014] and the issue was, even though the option to [ ] Automatically un-register when robot goes down was NOT CHECKED OFF,  whenever the robot went down:

  • Either thru a Services Stop Nimsoft Robot Watcher,
  • Or a Computer Shutdown
  • Or Crash\BSOD

the robot did automatically un-registered from the hub.


Thus no "Robot is Inactive" alert would be generated and the robot entry is removed from the NMS tree. 


Wanted to pass this info along since it was not made aware.