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Probes missing from CM_NIMBUS_PROBE table

Question asked by paul.thomas.1 on Oct 24, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2014 by paul.thomas.1

Hi all,


I have a lua script which run a sql query, processes the results and emails a report on probes by server.


I recently noticed that the report is missing probes! Investigation showed that the following query does not report all probes deployed to the robot_id:


SELECT * FROM NimsoftSLM.dbo.CM_NIMBUS_PROBE WHERE NimsoftSLM.dbo.CM_NIMBUS_PROBE.robot_id = '***' ORDER BY robot_id;


Removing and re-deploying the missing probe does not cause any changes to the CM_NIMBUS_PROBE table. However, when deploying a different probe, it does appear in the CM_NIMBUS_PROBE after a minute!


This seems unexpected behaviour - am I missing something obvious?


Help and suggestions appreciated.


Best Regards,