How to export/import SLA calculation-rules?

Discussion created by a.pietersen on Sep 28, 2014
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Hi, we are in the proces of upgrading from NMS/UMP 6.2.x to NMS/UMP760 and, as usual, problem arise with installing UMP.This seems to be a never endig story. UMP Installation log says: all succefull, but wasp will not start-up and is spitting a lot of java-acadabra in the log that I can not understand.


So upgrading Nimsoft means always starting from scratch. That is no fun but I can live with that, needing to rebuild/config UMP. What realy annoys me is that there is no export/import function for SLA calculation. I would expted that beacuse it is a parts of the NMS configuration. A rather simple feauture/function that can export and improted SLA calc. into a new and fresh installation. Something like the export and import of dashboards. Yes it need some customazation afterwards but that all in the game when upgrading, I think.


The complex and time consuming re-creation of SLA rules with sometimes more then 100+ SLO-targets can not be exported and imported as far as I have seen. And the combined SLM database of NMS and UMP makes this not very easy - nb. I suppose it is lving there somewhere.


Is there a way/workaround/script to export and import SLA calculation rules. Or do I miss something here.? If someone can give me tip or trick, please respond otherwise I will be bussy againg for the next week recreating all the necessarry SLA's before I can publish our dashboard to our customers.


Note: will there ever come a time that UMP can be upgraded without a headache for weeks?


Best reagrds

Ashley Pietersen