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nas Alert Historical Report

Discussion created by Daniel Blanco Champion on Sep 10, 2014
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Hello, I was wondering is there any way to get QoS metrics as to how many alarms the nas probe handles per day? I want to collect QoS metrics on the nas probe and thus have a way to generate reports to management on how many alerts we processed, handled, etc... 

What are the possible ways going about obtaining this?


When I look in the primary hubs, hub probe and in the Status Tab, I see the Subjects tab that has different categories such as "alarm, alarm_new, alarm_close, etc..."

Would I have to setup a SQL query using the sql_response probe to query this data? But does anyone know how would I grab this info on a re-occuring basis using a probe or a script? Would prefer a probe since I can then quickly generate a report uisng UMP.