SNMP Parsing

Discussion created by jkwade on Sep 9, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2014 by ntimm

I've setup several snmp profiles using the PDU, utilizing the Alert State of the incoming snmp trap to determine whether the problem is critical, major, minor, etc...


However, I have one snmp trap that sends everything in a single OID.  (In comparison my other devices send a single trap with multiple OID's in the trap). 


Is there a way in Nimsoft to parse the text from the single OID, creating variables from text?


ex........    oid .  --   Server xyx OPS  Problem ERROR STORAGE SUBSYSTEM  SPACE  56758 49345


So, this OID comes in as a single OID, I want to parse out this text, so that I can set the alert condition (ex  ERROR -- critical, Server -- xyx, Problem Area - Storage Subsystem Space, Current Sized - 56758.


There appears no way with the PDU to parse text. Is there another way?


Thaks JKW