RSP: error - failed to find OS

Discussion created by rith on Aug 27, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2014 by 1_keithk

Trying to connect/discover my HMC (linux) with the RSP-probe thru SSH. But I'm getting an error.


Aug 27 10:45:11:438 [9932] rsp: get_ostype: failed to find OS
Aug 27 10:45:11:438 [9932] rsp: thrDiscoverHost: - error


There is no problem to connect with Putty.



What I want to do is to send a query to the HMC and then put up an alarm depending on what answer I get.


The command is:
lsled -m <server-name> -r sa-t phys

And the answer would be:
state=off / on


Is this possible with the RSP-probe? Or is there any better way to monitor this in Nimsoft?