Ideas and Probe EOL (Toolkit)

Discussion created by bvloch on Jul 31, 2014
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I don't know how often users check the ideas section but as of late there has been a flurry of updating due to the following: 


 Product Management: First we have worked really hard to update ideas using the PM Comments section of each idea and have gone through hundreds of them if not thousands. However, we have identified tonight that the PM comments section that we have been using to update the customer is not visible to customers. We thought customers could see this but we verified that they can't. We will make every effort to copy the PM Comments to a comment post with the prefix of “Product Management:” Customers should then be able to see PM's comments for ideas with > 100 votes by the end of the week 7/17/2014. We have made this change in our weekly ideas review process. My apologies.



I had a few of my ideas updated and commented on, just letting other know if case you don't go out there that often. Personally I find myself on the forums more often than the ideas section. Also, I know other might find this information usefull like I did:



snmpcollector : Migration tool required from legacy probes config Accepted | 2 Comments

The end of support for snmptoolkit, interface traffic and cisco monitor has been shifted to October 2015 so that we can have a comprehensive migration plan for customers using these probes. This idea has been excepted into the backlog and has been priorit...


I apoligize for the "Forum SPAM" but I suspect one or two people would find this information useful.