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Suppress Alarms with Same Suppression ID from Different Robots

Question asked by bvloch on Jul 30, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2014 by JWFisher

Using Nimalarm, I would to be able to suppress alarms that have the same suppression id to each other using a specified suppression key, however I am not able to accomplish this when I run the same command from two different robots. 


For example


If I run:


./nimalarm -l 1 -c 123abc -S nimprb2 -i TEST6  from robot A, based on the help file of the NAS  "Alarms with the same source, message, subsystem and severity information will be suppressed into a single message with only a counter indicating the number of occurrences."  I would expect that I get an increase in the duplicate count if I run the command from robot b. What I get a new alarm. Why is this or how can accomplish my goal? 


Thanks in Advance