An uprising against hardcoded probe defaults

Discussion created by anders.synstad on Jul 9, 2014

It seems to be an increasing trend from Nimsoft to "add probe defauls", and they are doing this by hardcoding values into the UI for when you create new profiles. Examples are:



  qos enabled: Process memory usage (Kb)
  qos enabled: Process CPU usage (%)
  alarm: Valid samples 2
  alarm: Max. avg. CPU 60%



  qos enabled: Response time
  qos enabled: Time to first byte
  qos enabled: DNS resolution time
  alarm: Max Page load in time (ms) 8000
  alarm: DNS resolution time (ms) 20


The problem isn't default values in themselves, but the fact that you cannot change what the default is. One probe that is doing this correctly is net_connect. Here you can configure the default profile.


This thread is ment to raise some awareness around this issue, and hopefully get more people to react. Please vote on


I do not have enough hands to sufficiently facepalm these hardcoded values.